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LinkedIn Now Linked Into Twitter

LinkedIn is now offering the ability to link its status updates to Twitter.  In typical LinkedIn style, it is opt-in and the default setting in only to display Tweets that contain a “#in” has tag.  This is a good thing for a couple of reasons.  First, a big reason why LinkedIn enjoys the success that it does is due to the great job they’ve done at filtering out the noise and keeping the site’s content largely professional in nature.  The second reason is that they are doing it for the right reason (i.e. offering convenience to their users) and not the wrong reason (i.e. trying to be something they’re not).

How It Works

You will notice a new check box and Twitter icon underneath the Network Updates box on your LinkedIn page now.  When you click on this box, LinkedIn will connect to your Twitter account and allow you to specify how you want to use the feature.

Options for connecting LinkedIn with Twitter (click for full size image)

Options for connecting LinkedIn with Twitter (click for full size image)

From this screen, you can choose whether to display your Twitter profile to everyone or just your connections.  The second option determines which of your Tweets are shown in LinkedIn.  Conveniently, they’ve built in an option that allows you to filter out all updates except those deliberately intended to be shown on LinkedIn.  If this option is selected, only updates containing #in will be displayed.  This is important for keeping LinkedIn clean, but is offering people like me a long-awaited option to make status updates a little more convenient.

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