What is Inbound Marketing?

Implementing inbound marketing is a five-step approach: 1) create remarkable content, 2) optimize it for search, 3) promote it through social media, and 4) convert visitors into leads and 5) analyze the results.

Inbound Marketing Process

Create Remarkable Content

Without question, the most effective way to generate remarkable content for your website is to use a blogging platform.  In addition to assisting with the technical implementation of a blog, Domesticating IT can also help make your content more remarkable.

Optimize for Search

A great web site, with or without remarkable content, is a complete waste of time and money if it’s not optimized for internet search engines.  Domesticating IT can separate myth from fact and improve your search engine ranking.

Promote Content

Once your website contains remarkable content that is optimized for search, go tell it on the mountain!  An effective social media marketing strategy – Be Authentic, Relentless and Everywhere – can help build inbound links to your website and also increase traffic from qualified leads.  Domesticating IT can help you choose which channels (TwitterFacebookLinkedIn,  YouTubeFlickrSlideshare, etc…) would be most effective for you and how to build a successful strategy.

Convert and Analyze

Without effective tools and strategies for converting visitors to leads and leads to customers, all of these inbound marketing techniques are akin to directing traffic on to a dead end street.  Domesticating IT can help you build landing pages with effective calls to action, and link the results to a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.   And by utilizing analytics properly, you’ll be able to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and adjust accordingly.

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