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How I Work: Social Media Tools and Tactics – When I Play

This is part of a new series titled “How I Work,” in which I’ll reveal the tools and practices I use on a regular basis. If you’re just getting started with inbound marketing, this will help you figure out “what” and “how.” If you’re an experienced inbound marketer, you might find a new tip or two or (even better) be able to contribute some of your own ideas. 

This series about social media will cover a lot of ground. Over the next few weeks, I’ll talk about:

  • Where I play: Which social networks do I use and how do I use each one?
  • Who I play with: How do I build and prune my audience?
  • What I play: What do I share with my audiences?
  • How I play: What are the tools that I use?
  • When I play: When and how frequently do I post?

DeLorean Time Machine by Anime Nut on FlickrThis week, I’m concluding this series by discussing the “when” aspect of social media. There are two components to this; when and how much time do I spend on social media and when do I post updates? Using some important social media tools that I covered last week, it’s possible for these to be two very different schedules. And I think it’s very important that they are for a couple of reasons.

First, every social media channel has its own best times to post and they are frequently not the same. Therefore, it’s impossible for you to be doing your social media work at the most opportune time on every channel. Second, your schedule likely changes from day to day and week to week. It’s important to be relatively consistent in your social media efforts, but life usually gets in the way of that.

Schedules Versus Real Time

The first thing I need to point out is the difference between scheduled updates and real time interaction. In this article, I’m going to focus quite a bit on scheduled updates. That’s because it’s the area that I can control such that it provides maximum exposure and conversions. But you can’t ignore the real time aspect. The fact remains that no matter when you schedule your updates to occur, there will be replies and comments at all hours of the day. The sooner you can engage with people, the better.

In general, my workflow relies on my mobile device for real time and my computer for the scheduled stuff. I don’t stay glued to my smart phone every waking second. I tend to chunk my time throughout the day in order to maintain productivity. I’ll work in 60 to 90 minute bursts, during which I close down social media and silence the phone. But I try to check in as frequently as possible for quick replies, “thank you’s” and other interaction as required. Keep in mind, many of these check-ins require only a few seconds of time.

My Schedule

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That does it for this How I Work series. Be sure to check out the other posts in the series (links are at the top). If there’s still an open question you have that I haven’t addressed, feel free to email me or put it in the comments section of the blog post. Also, if there’s another How I Work series you’d like to see, let me know! The next series will be about blogging.

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