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Better Demand Generation With Smart Funnels [Case Study]

Better Demand GenerationThis article is part of a series of SmartFunnel case studies that provide examples of demand generation campaigns, which combine the best of inbound and outbound marketing strategies in order to generate great results.

LinkedIn is a tremendous resource for identifying and connecting with target prospects. Our Better Demand Generation SmartFunnel begins with LinkedIn as a traffic source and combines many aspects of both inbound and outbound marketing in order to generate solid results quickly.

Case Study – Background

A B2B service provider wanted to leverage the extensive LinkedIn networks of its principals in order to generate as many leads as possible in a 30-day period. We developed a SmartFunnel that would use LinkedIn as a traffic source and outreach tool, combining it with elements of inbound (content marketing) and outbound (telemarketing) tactics.


Our LinkedIn demand generation campaigns utilized the personal profiles of the principals in order to demographically identify and connect with potential sales leads. The process includes:

  • Profile review and optimization: We review the profiles of the individuals who will participate in the campaigns.
  • Lead profiling: Establish the demographics for potential leads.
  • Message prospect: Encouraging prospects to download a lead magnet.
  • Follow up: Prospects are pursued with follow-up messages based on their interest in the offering.


We were able to exceed the target goal of 50 sales qualified leads by 60%, resulting in a net cost per lead of $125, which is less than half of the average cost for this particular industry.

List Size1,990
Sales Qualified Leads80
Campaign Cost$10,000
Cost per Lead$125

SmartFunnel Template

This SmartFunnel relies heavily on LinkedIn connections of company principals and/or sales people. The SmartFunnel steps are as follows (see Figure 3 for a visual flow diagram):

  • Traffic Source: Identify a list of prospects through a combination of existing connections, harvesting via LinkedIn search, and/or other external list(s). Locate their email profiles and sort by connection degree (first, second, third). For second and third degree connections, discover the most common LinkedIn Groups between them and join those groups.
  • Messages: Send out LinkedIn messages to the target list with a call to action to download an asset (e.g. case study) from a landing page on the website.
  • Qualify: When the asset is downloaded, qualify/score individual leads and, when appropriate, send a series of follow up emails and/or personal phone calls with the goal of securing a sales call.
SmartFunnel Automations - Better Demand Generation

Sample SmartFunnel workflow to maximize the ROI from LinkedIn demand generation (click for larger image).


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