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Advanced Content Strategies Workshop

Purple CowThe annual ISA Marketing and Sales Summit is rapidly approaching (7 – 9 September in St Louis). Last year, I taught an intro to inbound marketing workshop that was very well received. This year, we wanted to “kick it up a notch” and so I’ll be focusing on advanced strategies and tactics for creating remarkable content.

Content is the fuel that powers inbound marketing (What is inbound marketing?). It needs to be compelling enough that your audience wants to share it with their peers. That’s the definition of “remarkable.” This workshop is going to present some strategies and tactics for planning, crafting and promoting remarkable content.

Here’s an overview of what we’ll be covering:


The first session will provide an introduction/review of the five fundamental components of inbound marketing; content, search engine optimization, social media promotion, conversion and analytics.

Characteristics of Remarkable Content

The cornerstone of inbound marketing is remarkable content. This session will explain the three characteristics that determine whether or not content is truly remarkable.


It is more important to be consistent than prolific when it comes to content creation. “Planning Content” will cover strategies and tactics for developing ideas for content and establishing an effective publication schedule.


The heart and soul of this workshop, “Creating Content” will break down the components of any content (title, lead, body and kicker) and explain the role and importance of each. Next, it will cover valuable techniques for creating appealing and engaging content.


What good is remarkable content if nobody knows it exists? “Promoting Content” will explore some strategies and tactics for actively promoting your content via social media and passively promoting it via search engine optimization.


The wrap-up session will feature case studies, questions and demonstrations of some of the tools and techniques discussed.

About the Marketing & Sales Summit

Sponsored by the ISA Management Division, the ISA’s Annual Marketing & Sales Summit will help marketing and sales executives in the automation markets meet the strategic and tactical challenges of the 21st century. This unique event is designed exclusively for senior sales and marketing professionals in the automation markets.

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