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Google: All Your Base Are Belong to Us

For those not schooled in the “Nerd Classics,” the phrase “All your base are belong to us” refers to the incorrect language translation of a video game’s opening screen sequence that became on of the Internet’s first memes.  In this case, the incorrect translation renders something that is supposed to be an ominous warning to […]

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How to Leverage Internet Technology

The ever-advancing web is continuously lowering the cost of online collaborative solutions and improving usability. Although we all know this intuitively, many people who don’t closely follow the latest innovations in technology are not away of the number of free solutions available to organizations. This article discusses how to go about leveraging these technologies.

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What is RSS and Why Do I Care?

What is RSS? Well, it stands for “Really Simple Syndication” but given the fact that there is still not widespread adoption and so few people understand it, one could take exception to that moniker. In any case, let’s try to use a newspaper analogy to explain this. Think about reading your local newspaper. For many […]

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