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Tag Archives | people

Seth Godin's "Purple Cow"

Publishing in the Digital Age

If you’ve been reading this blog or attending any of my presentations, it’s no secret that I’m a fairly big fan of Seth Godin. I watched a 30 minute video of his presentation, “Using New Media, New Marketing, and New Thinking to Create 10 Bestselling Books.”  The timing of this was interesting because it came […]

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Be Respectful in Our Marketing

Let’s talk about email. This has been a controversial subject for many years and for several reasons. The mistake here is that ISA has been wrestling with the best way to interrupt people, sort of like looking for the friendliest way to insult somebody. The solution is, once again, permission-based or opt-in marketing.

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People Versus Process

Today I answered a question on LinkedIn regarding a fledgling company’s pursuit of a software development firm in order to commercialize their idea. I was fascinated to read the other answers, which predominately focused on the process whereas I focused on the people. That’s when it struck me… People solve problems, not processes. I know […]

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