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About Domesticating IT

Domesticating IT is an inbound marketing consultancy offering a range of services that will increase qualified visits to your website and convert more leads into customers. These services include CMS-based website design, blog integration, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing strategy, lead capturing and nurturing systems and web analytics.

By following the Domesticating IT inbound marketing blog and/or Facebook fan page, you will:

  • Learn about the cornerstones of inbound marketing:
    • Creating remarkable content
    • Search engine optimization
    • Social media promotion and marketing
    • Converting visitors to customers
    • Analyzing web analytics
  • Stay informed about the latest news in Internet marketing and technology
  • Have a front row seat during those occasions when I get fed up and go on rants

This blog is targeted to small business owners and marketing professionals at medium and large businesses.

Jon DiPietro

Jon DiPietro

Engineer by education, geek by choice, marketer by necessity

is the founder and principal of Liberty Digital Marketing, a digital marketing consultancy, and Candidate Boot Camp, a provider of online training for citizens running for local political office. He is also the author of the book, “Social Media for Engineers & Scientists” from Momentum Press, a frequent speaker on Internet marketing and social media, and a certified Inbound Marketing Professional.

After receiving a BS in Electrical Engineering, he began his career as an automation engineer working primarily as a PLC programmer and HMI developer. Working his way up the information food chain, Jon became more and more immersed in software and database development until finally being bitten by the entrepreneurial bug in 1997 and co-founding Bridge-Soft. Since then, he has been travelling the road from a left-brained engineer to a right-brained salesman, marketer, and business owner.

Jon currently serves on the Executive Board of the Boston Section of the ISA (past President), Director-elect and webmaster for the Water and Wastewater Industries Division, and contributes to the Management Division and Strategic Planning, Image & Membership, and Publications Departments. He also chairs the Social Networking Committee for the New England Water Works Association and serves on the Customer Service / Information Management Technology Committee for the American Water Works Association.

He can be contacted via email at [email protected]. You can also connect on Jon DiPietro’s Google Plus profile.

Jon has been invaluable in our software development process – coming up with great ideas and implementing them flawlessly and efficiently. He thinks big picture and long-term and has been instrumental in our ability to create excellent software on-schedule and on-budget.
– Bill Shander, Founder/CEO at Beehive Media

“Domesticating IT” Defined

hus – band – ry [huzhbuhn-dree] *
– noun

1. the cultivation and production of edible crops or of animals for food; agriculture; farming.
2. the science of raising crops or food animals.
3. careful or thrifty management; frugality, thrift, or conservation.
4. the management of domestic affairs or of resources generally.

I chose the “animal husbandry” metaphor for this blog because in my nearly twenty years of developing and implementing technology solutions, I have learned that Internet technology is indeed a wild beast that must be tamed and domesticated. This process is not unlike the process undertaken by our ancestors thousands of years ago, which became a fundamental reason why humans were able to establish permanent settlements and, ultimately, establish civilizations.

Similarly, businesses must domesticate Internet technology in order to maximize their competitiveness.

* Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2006

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