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ISA Spring Leaders Meeting Presentation
Jon DiPietro presents "Creating Great Content" at the ISA Spring Leaders Meeting in Las Vegas (June, 2010)

Jon DiPietro is a frequent speaker to industry trade associations, conferences and symposia, and individual companies. Presentation topics vary from inbound marketing to social media and content creation.

For a complete list of past and future talks, visit Jon DiPietro on SpeakerRate.  Recent titles include, “Creating Great Content,” “Getting Started on Twitter,” “Social Media Psychology & Economics,” “Leveraging Internet Tools,” and “Social Networking Tools for the Engineer.”

[quote style=”boxed”]From Eoin Ó Riain, Publisher of The Read-out Instrumentation Signpost:
“This was the second time I had attended one of Jon’s presentations this year. Again he left me thinking and I took notes which I have kept (unusual for me!). This time I got some more analytical knowledge on the storyteller aspect of using social media, stuff that I already knew but didn’t know I knew. Excellent and thought provoking again. Thanks Jon.”[/quote]

[quote style=”boxed”]From Kathy Auzenne, Information Technology Professional:
Jon’s presentation was outstanding. I especially appreciated the practical approach he provides to using social media to help people find you. He explains not only the “how” of building a compelling presence, but also why it is important. I think anyone interested in building their brand can use Jon’s techniques.“[/quote]

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