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Website Design: This Simple Question Changes Everything

Your Website Is Not a Place to Put Stuff

Your Website Is Not a Place to Put Stuff (“Photos of My Life Project- Messiest Closet” by benjamin sTodd on Flickr)

This has been a busy website design week for me. Between proposals and client work, I’ve covered the same topic five or six times. Each conversation began in a different way but they all ended up in the same place.

  • We need to make our navigation bar prominent so that visitors can find everything easily.
  • How do we organize our home page?
  • What’s the difference between web metrics and analytics?
  • Why do we need landing pages?
  • What’s wrong with a Contact Us page?

Each of these conversations arrived at the same end point; outcome-based website design. What does that mean? It’s a simple philosophy that can completely change the way you think about website design and even shift your thinking about online marketing in general. And it starts by asking yourself one, simple question.

Outcome-Based Website Design

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