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Thinking Small Is the Key to Big Inbound Marketing Results

New Galaxy NoteHow does your website look on the small screen? How well does your shopping cart work with tiny smartphone buttons? Is your social media activity happening during your audience’s most active periods?

Or is mobile marketing just one more wrinkle in your online marketing that you don’t have the time, money or expertise to address?

A couple of mobile marketing reports came out this past week and they illustrate the opportunities and threats posed by mobile devices. If you’re a retailer, I think the message is quite simple: There is nothing more important to your business right now than mobile, even if you don’t currently sell online. If you’re not a retailer, the growing influence and shifting demographics of mobile require your undivided attention. Now!

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Top Marketing Stories of the Week

Forget about Marketing: Concentrate on Blogging

Well, yes and no. I like the spirit of the article and it’s true that awesome content will market itself. However, that’s only HALF of the battle. The rest of the battle is to convert those readers into leads and then nurture them into becoming customers.

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McKinsey Finds Social Buzz Can Affect Sales — Negatively, Anyway

McKinsey found the relationship between negative buzz and a decline in sales when it “hand tabulated” sentiment in social-media comments. Probably not shocking when you consider the power of negative ads in political campaigns.

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Conversion Testing for Low-Traffic Websites

If you have a low-traffic website, doing conversion testing can be difficult because it takes so long to get a valid result.

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