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High Five for Week Ending 14-Nov-2010

Weekly High Five lists the most interesting, compelling, and/or useful links of each week.  This week’s theme is “The Changing Face of Facebook,” but I’ve also included a bonus link from Chris Brogan. #5: Federal Board Says Employees Shouldn’t Get Fired Over Facebook Posts The National Labor Relations Board has filed suit against a Connecticut […]

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How to Spot Phishing

Phishing is a deceptive tactic used in emails, on bogus web sites, and other communication media that convince people to click on a link that typically brings the user to an impostor web site. These cyber attacks are generally attempting to accomplish one or both of the following: Surreptitiously obtain personal account information Plant virus […]

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Oklahoma Bricktown Land Run

The 21st Century Land Grab

By now, many people are familiar with Cybersquatting – a process whereby a person registers a domain name in bad faith with the intent of reselling it later for a profit. Recent legislation has made it easier for trademark holders and famous persons to obtain their domains from squatters, but the process is by no […]

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