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Inbound Marketing Workshops

2010 Marketing and Sales Summit

Inbound Marketing workshop at the 2010 Marketing and Sales Summit in Atlanta, Ga

By attending Domesticating IT’s workshops, you will develop an understanding of the components of effective inbound marketing and leave with specific, actionable strategies to begin implementing inbound marketing at for your own business.

Traditional marketing approaches like advertising, trade shows, direct mail, and cold calling are becoming increasingly less effective. Peoples’ attention spans are spread thinly across a wide array of media, making them harder to target and they are getting better at avoiding interruptive messages like commercials and sales calls. Outbound marketing is getting harder and more expensive.

Conversely, inbound marketing is an approach that uses the Internet to attract quality attention to your web site, generate leads, and convert them to customers. This workshop will describe how to craft compelling content and optimize it for search, share that content effectively on social networks, convert visitors to leads and leads to customers, and measure it all.

From Jim Cahill, Chief Blogger at Emerson Process Management:
I listened to Jon’s presentation on inbound marketing at the 2010 ISA Marketing and Sales Summit. Jon was extremely well prepared and delivered valuable content in a thorough and polished manner. Definitely someone you’d want to consider.

Full-day (standard) workshops cost $1,500.  Customized workshops must be individually quoted.

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  1. Introduction and concepts
  2. Content
    1. Being remarkable
    2. Blogging
  3. Search engine optimization
    1. Introduction
    2. Off page
    3. On page
  4. Promoting
    1. Social networking (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
    2. Hosted media (Slideshare, YouTube, Flickr, Scribd)
    3. Livecasting (Ustream,, Livestream)
  5. Converting
    1. Landing pages
    2. Lead nurturing
  6. Measuring

Inbound Marketing Consultant

Inbound Marketing Evaluation transInbound marketing differs from traditional outbound marketing by pulling people into your web site and converting them into customers, rather than trying to interrupt people with advertising messages and hoping they take action.

As a Certified Inbound Marketing Professional (Honors Distinction) and successful entrepreneur, Jon DiPietro has the training, skills and experience to help you get more customers.

Services offered include:

  • CMS-based ( Content Management System) web sites that put you in control of your own destiny.
  • SEOSearch Engine Optimization) services that maximize your visibility on the web.
  • Content development workshops that make your  content more compelling.
  • Social media marketing strategies to build an engaged following and generate leads from it.
  • Technical services to integrate with your existing IT infrastructure and/or improve it.
  • Systems and strategies for lead generation and conversion.
  • The keys to the castle – you will own everything and not be held hostage.

Learn more or request a FREE Inbound Marketing Evaluation.

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