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worthless blog comments

How to Author a Worthless Blog Comment

Blog comments are a great tool for expanding brand awareness (personal or business) and generating a little traffic back to your website. I get a not insignificant amount of referral traffic from comments I leave on blog posts. In fact, I’ve resolved to spend more time commenting because those numbers continue to tick upward – […]

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Inbound Marketing Plan

A Three-Step Inbound Marketing Plan

This is a great time to be a small business owner or entrepreneur. Thanks to inbound marketing, there has never been more free, high-quality resources available to learn lots of critical business skills. Of course, there’s no shortage of blogs, e-books, videos, tutorials, white papers or info-graphics when it comes to inbound marketing. But there are […]

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Writer's Block by Pyre-Vulpimorph on DeviantArt

360 Content Marketing Ideas in 30 Minutes

Arguably, the biggest challenge for inbound marketers is coming up with a steady stream of content marketing ideas. The unfortunate truth is that we’re not all Seth Godin, who seems to effortlessly come up with insightful observations every single day. I was feeling that pinch today. I’ve been struggling for writing inspiration and have not […]

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