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How to Create a Worthless Business Blog In 3 Steps

is your business blog worthless?Writing a business blog is hard work. When I see businesses – especially small businesses – put in the effort, my heart sings! But when they do it in a way that makes all of that effort a complete waste of their time, it breaks my heart!

Unlike Neidermeyer from Animal House, I take no pleasure in telling people that their blogs are essentially worthless. I believe that inbound marketing in general and blogging in particular have the power to make the business world a better place. If we can turn marketing from something people hate into something they love then we all win.

This week I want to share a few all too common observations that make me die a little bit inside every time I see one of them. If I can save just one recruit this week, my writing will not have been in vain.

Sabotaging Your Own Business Blog

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According to the latest results from socialbakers’ annual study, the percentage of most engaging posts that contain pictures has increased from 85% to a whopping 93%!

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9 apps for creating multimedia content

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