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High Five for Week Ending 20-Dec

Weekly High Five lists the most interesting, compelling, and/or useful links of each week.

Weekly High Five lists the most interesting, compelling, and/or useful links of each week.

Welcome to the “Threats and Opportunities” version of the High Five.  This week’s links describe some things to be concerned about in 2010, and some trends to be excited about.  The last link is an absolute must watch video!

#5: Hackers are defeating tough authentication, Gartner warns

Another day, another scary article about how online identities are being compromised. The takeaway here is to become a more intelligent Internet user and take responsibility for your online accounts (for more information on this subject, see “How to Spot Phishing.”

Link: Computer World

#4: Green light for internet filter plans

From the “Big Brother Is Watching” department, Australia is considering forcing Internet service providers to install web site filtering to remove criminal content. All the same questions apply here. Who decides what’s criminal? How do you implement it? The reality is that this very easily thwarted and kids, criminals, and deviants will be able to get around it within hours of the filters being put in place.

Link: ABC News Australia

#3: The 12 Days of Christmas: Website Disaster Style

This is a very creative and effective article that describes some fundamental yet all to common mistakes that are being made with regard to web site design and architecture. It makes them very understandable to the noob (newbie).


#2: What Matters Now

Meaningless coincidence; last week’s #2 position was also a post from Seth Godin. This is a free e-book that is a compilation of observations and advice from scores of the leading thinkers of our digital age.  I don’t even know where to start with this, as there is so much information, advice, and inspiration in this document.  You must check it out.

Link: Squidoo

#1: Forecast for 2010: The Coming Cloud ‘Catastrophe’

This is a really unfortunate title that appears to be a typical “least common denominator” appeal to fear mongering. However, this video and article provide ten predictions for next year that are fascinating and extremely thought provoking. In fact, the cloud catastrophe prediction is just on of ten, and in my opinion the least interesting.  There is one prediction about journalism and the media with which I completely disagree. However, I’ll be authoring a post soon on the trends that are predicted in this story, and many of them can be summarized with this recommendation; “THINK SMALL.”  This is a must view video!

Link: Business Week

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