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High Five for Week Ending 18-Oct 2009

Weekly High Five lists the most interesting, compelling, and/or useful links of each week.

Weekly High Five lists the most interesting, compelling, and/or useful links of each week.

Today’s post is the first in a new weekly series that will be called “High Five,” in which I will list the five most interesting, compelling, and/or useful links from each week.  I know, it’s an annoyingly uncreative name but you’ll have to put with it.  I wasn’t simply being lazy; it was somewhat deliberate on my part.  The reason is that when you’re trying to build brand recognition (as I am here on DomesticatingIT), I think you can run the risk of being “too creative” in some cases.  Sometimes, giving something a quickly, easily recognizable name that augments your existing brand works too.

Having said that, on with the show…

The theme of this week’s High Five is “cautionary tales.”  Four of the five links are to stories or announcements regarding the effects of Web 2.0 on “traditional” means of communication.

#5: Shameless Self-promotion

The first link is a shameless self-promotion for the new DomesticatingIT fan page on Facebook.  But hopefully you’ll simply recognize this as practicing what I preach; Be Authentic, Relentless, and Everywhere.

#4: The End of the Email Era

This article generated a fair amount of chatter on Twitter.  While I do think the title of the Wall Street Journal article (Why Email No Longer Rules…) may overstate the case a bit for the sake of sensationalism, it makes an important point.  It’s also a point that I harp on in many of my social media presentations; the communication landscape is changing as anyone with teenage or college age children knows.  My daughters’ primary means of communication are text messaging and Facebook updates (in that order).

#3: Judge: Cellphone Ringtones Are Not Concerts

I am fascinated by the recording industry’s ongoing declaration of war against its own customers and this article is an example of its unbridled arrogance and avarice.  What organization (other than our government) thinks it’s OK to charge people twice for the good or service?  Of course, there is that old adage about software development; “You pay us to put the bugs in, and you pay us to take the bugs out.”

#2: Google Wave Explained

This is a nice, short video that provides a simple (albeit abridged) explanation of just what Google Wave is.  I’ve just secured a Google Wave invitation and will surely be blogging about this in the future.  Be forewarned; this is a game changer and it deserves your attention.

#1: ISA replaces annual expo with new knowledge-based event

This is an important article regardless of whether or not you have any interest in the International Society of Automation.   The ISA announced that it will be ending its trade show exhibition with an event more focused on “knowledge.”  I made my thoughts known on Gary Mintchell’s blog, so I won’t recount them right at this moment.  The more universal point here is that we are seeing another example of the Web 2.0 world imposing its will on traditional platforms for marketing, communication, and collaboration.

Feel free to provide your thoughts and/or contributions…

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