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Developing a Content Strategy [Inbound Marketing Inquirer]

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Courtesy of Meredith Atwater on Flickr

The Tip Jar is a weekly inbound marketing tip that is only available to subscribers. This week's tip jar is the third in a four-part discussion of how to put together a complete Internet marketing strategy; developing a content strategy.

Tip Jar: Content Strategy

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Reading List

Search Engine Optimization in Real Life Google's marketing team has tried (and succeeded pretty well in my opinion) to translate its Analytics product into terms we can all understand. They released a series of humerous videos that illustrate some of the outrageous hoops website owners expect their customers to jump through. Fewer Than One Quarter of Small Businesses Have Social Media Strategies Small businesses are getting better at using social media to meet marketing and customer goals. However, they struggle with figuring out a strategy and deploying social media in that strategy. 21st-Century Automation Marketing Each year, control magazine publishes its list of top 50 automation companies. This year, I was invited to write an accompanying cover story article on 21st-Century Automation Marketing. It examines the state of inbound marketing within the industry.

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