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The Finely Tuned Sales and Marketing Machine [Slideshare]

Let’s face it. It’s hard to have a highly evolved digital marketing strategy when the goal posts get moved all of the time. Nevertheless, staying competitive requires that organizations be nimble and ever more sophisticated in their marketing approaches. Effective digital marketing is highly dependent on implementing the right strategies for your organization. And growing […]

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What To Do About the Heartbleed Bug

The Heartbleed Bug is not specifically a digital marketing topic. However, I’m covering it for two reasons. First, any digital marketer is going to spend an awful lot of time online. This means that they will be particularly vulnerable to this bug. Second, I’m getting a whole bunch of emails and inquiries from people asking […]

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8 Must-Read Marketing Books for Startups

With countless resources available to entrepreneurs wishing to take the leap in the startup unknown, it can be difficult at times to judge which advice is truly helpful. The following list is a collection of must-consult marketing books (including three by Seth Godin or “the ultimate entrepreneur for the Information Age”) which are absolutely worth […]

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