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Let’s talk about email. This has been a controversial subject for many years and for several reasons. Members (rightfully) complain that ISA sends too many emails. ISA (rightfully) responds that it is trying to deliver the information that’s important to the membership. Right strategy, wrong tactic. The mistake here is that ISA has been wrestling with the best way to interrupt people, sort of like looking for the friendliest way to insult somebody. I’ve heard it said that the high number of members that don’t provide an email address is evidence of a law adoption rate and/or preference for email and Internet use. My takeaway is that is more represents a “Don’t call us, we’ll call you” attitude. It’s a one size fits none approach.

The solution is, once again, permission-based or opt-in marketing. Members must be able to fine tune the content they wish to receive and the manner in which they receive it. Transitioning from push (email) to pull (blog) publishing would enable this to happen. ISA communication should become primarily blog-based publishing with easy sharing and subscription tools.

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